A new path: Get outside the boundaries

When you are high-rolling with everything around you with a bright smile on your face, You suddenly decide to hit a break. If you go straight through the pitched road you know that you will reach the Everest but if you take a turn then you start exploring new possibilities of reaching to a better place. Uncertainties, Risks, Fears, etc. arise and one should never cave in to these as once you get over these, you will see things differently. Everything is not the best-selling books where things are crafted from the beginning to end. One do not get scripts from day one and a turn can change their entire destination and what so ever turns one takes, it is bound to take them to infinite possibilities of reaching out to a better future.

Every move one makes does not indicate that it is a wrong move as long as he/she can logically back it up with their achievements. Once a person told me that, “Going to a new path may come with a lot of complications and you may be losing a lot of things including the people that you were walking with. But when you come with bigger achievements from the other side then those very people will be coming towards you with open arms.” It is quite ironic how everything rotates around and once you are through the tough parts you reach your zone.

Nobody wakes up one morning all of a sudden bored with problems and decides to move onto a new path.” as is the case of how one moves forward. When you reach the peak hours of your life then you realize that you have to think 100 times to get a single pencil when you were arguing with your guardians to get a whole pack of pencils when you were 8. There is always something or someone new who changes the perspective that you are used to. That someone becomes ‘us’ and something becomes our ‘circumstances’. What everyone can have in common is that the decisions made. No one can take our decision for us and no one will be responsible for where ever we go but we should decide our path now before we reach to our destination.

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