V-Day Special: Finding love in unknown territories (Late 20s rendition)

Finding your first love was not much of a pain as you could find love everywhere around you when you are at an age where you are naive, young, and do not know what love actually means. Time passes by and you began to experience different forms of love. Either you stick to the very first person you love, or you switch to someone else who gives you the sensation of better form of love.

Time passes by again, and you realize that the person you loved has changed and become somebody else who is completely a stranger to you. Then, you meet people who treats you 10 times better than the person you thought was everything to you. In a blink of an eye, you begin to have doubts about your decision and get the courage to move on again.

After you reach your late 20s, you realize that either the person you are seeing is ‘THE ONE’ and settle down, or you end up getting fed up of love and just go on with your life – alone. In this process, the people who have settled down have their own honeymoon phase and happily enjoy their time. While, the ones who are happily moving alone end up meeting random people and start assuming that they are in love (AGAIN).

For a fact, they know that it is nothing more than an illusion but then there is a small ray of hope that makes them feel warm. The delusional thoughts end up with massive assumption that the other person loves you more than anything as they tell you what you want to hear. The signals they emit towards you makes you feel as if all of the signs are lining up in a same direction. If you are in this delusion then, the best thing to do right now is…. Muster up all the experiences you have, and give yourself a reality check.

(Does not mean that love does not exist when you are in your late 20s but, you have to be more precautious as the meaning of love might not be what you initially believed it to be…)

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