Relationship & Lifecycle

Isn’t it amusing how a new product/service can change someone’s way of life just in an instance? Be it a new iPhone or a new restaurant, it is always fascinating how we get attached to every new thing that enters our life. It becomes so addictive that we often end up losing track of time.

So how do these meaningful things become a burden when it used to feel as if, “its the best thing that ever happened to you?” This is where Life Cycle plays an important role and teaches us how new things go through different stages of life: Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline. Similarly, when you get into a relationship for the first time, The first month is always the best. It will be filled with happiness, laughter, sweet talks, beautiful stories, and about future fantasied with dreams of life together.

While in the process of getting that happiness of being in it, we often end up with disappointments. Once the relationship passes through the introduction phase, it will start growing with high expectations as both of the parties will be in full swing. It becomes dangerous when it reaches maturity as both lose track of their unconditional promises made by each other.

A slight misbalance can lead to complete shut down of interests for each other in a blink of an eye. It does not take time to destroy something that took years to build. This is where law of diminishing marginal utility hits in a major way that we stop feeling for each other at one point of time. Promises will become burdens and happiness will turn into miseries. Slowly, we start exploring for new perspectives and stray away from the line of promises.

The decision-making takes downside and we end up getting attached to anyone who provides us proper time and listens to us. When we find someone who fulfills this gap then the cycle begins again for the second time and continues till one runs out of options.

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