Are we walking on ‘THE KNOWN ROADS’?

Back in 2018, while I was travelling on the highways of eastern part of Nepal; A thought struck my mind. What if? What if we did not had these roads, and we did not know where we were heading to? Then would that have made things a bit interesting instead of feeling shallow while going 100 km/hr back and forth on the highway. Had I been doing a 100 inside Kathmandu valley roads, things would have definitely felt slightly interesting with all the traffic issues, but why did it felt so vague in those bigger roads?

When there is a road, you know which way to go and where you need to make a turn. If there is a graveled road, you know where you should slow down and cross safely. A generation before us and a generation before that and before that have made things accessible in such a way that I feel that our uncomfortable zones in itself have become comfortable for us.

I believe that we need innovation and development to make things more accessible to everyone. On another note, both these things have been making our lives more predictable than ever. For instance, we see entrepreneurs out there who are making our lives easier and somewhere back in our mind we also try to learn from their experience and some of us just want to be them. Entrepreneurs and all the influencing motivational speakers make such an impact on the minds of youths that nothing seems impossible if they can achieve it. Be it flying to the space or digitizing the nation, we start to believe that we can too.

While growing up, my parents used to have pilots as friends, so I dreamt of becoming one. Then after completing my high school I thought Information Technology (IT) is the one where I want to make progress. While learning and working on the field, my good friend (who is an expert in the field of IT) taught me that the IT field itself is nothing. If you are making apps to develop IT sector then it is not worth the investment. But, if you are working in a hospitality, or finance, or healthcare, or fashion, or any other industry then IT can help you make your lives better and more efficient.

You do not even need to go to an astrologist to predict when you are hitting it good or the rock bottom next. We tend to study for entire teenage years at school, learning everything that is taught in the syllabus. If you want to be an engineer, doctor, or a business person, or other renowned trending professional, you accordingly enroll and then start your career struggling and making progress. Then you hack some possibilities of life from your very own experience and make your comfortable zone slightly accessible to the upcoming generation, in someway helping everyone grow. But, sometimes, it is good to let everyone try to walk on a road where your Google Maps cannot locate you and see what beauty lies ahead.

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