Propitious: Rise of two bros.

Everything starts making sense when we look at things in a different way. It was 3rd of June 2018, when I stepped in to take in some work related matter that needed an immediate attention. At that time, I was not aware what was awaiting for me ahead but my attitude of never backing off from any challenges kept me going. At first, it was only work, then I met people who would motivate me to do good and remove all of that negativity that I had stored in me before. Slowly, I started getting along with these people around me and began to adapt with my surroundings. Surprisingly, I got closer to one of my colleagues (later turned brother) here who also studied in the same college with me for past 3 years during my undergraduate studies but never met or had an interaction during those college days.

The day we met

Coincidently, we both knew how to cope up with each other as the biggest common thing we had was music and innovative ideas. Our thought process were almost similar as we were from the same age group and the circumstances we were in synchronized almost every time. From personal to work life, we started sharing our experiences on how we were moving ahead in our lives.

At first, It was totally horrific as we always thought of ‘How we were not sure of how things were not going well for us..?’, and how all of these unnecessary thinking killed our precious energy and time. We went on talking about these things for more than a month and there was even a time once, when we were in almost on the edge of foolishness. Thankfully, We snapped out of it and one night after hurting our heads with these pessimistic thoughts, we ended up talking about two different things. While he was talking about how innovative people were in the past and how it’s amazing that people can come up with such great thinking in those days. I, On the other hand, would end up talking about articles and cases that would connect to the business perspective of the innovation. We ended up connecting our talk that night and ended up coming up with a lot of creative ideas that night. After almost 2 and half months, we started talking about how we could change the way we thought by taking in new approach. We changed ‘Why is this happening to me?’ with ‘What is this trying to teach us?’. Every time, when we lost it, we started sharing with each other and ‘Yes!’ we always had something creative to talk about.

Chirag Thapa and Nagarjun Shrestha (Left to Right)

From that moment, we started coming up with at least one new idea a week that we could discuss and brainstorm about. We knew that it would only be in a planning phase but then who knows what we might end up with. We started coming up with a lot of paper based ideas along with few prototypes that might be useful in the upcoming future. After completing my Undergraduate Level, I realized that my learning process had a complete ‘Full-Stop’ to it. But when I started talking with this guy, he would remind me of how I used to be in my college days and the good part was we always used to end our day with curiosity. While in the process, we also learnt about the process of ‘Validation’. (Stay tuned to know about ‘Validation’ and how we overcame the biggest obstacle of our lives.)

Personally, for me, this experience that was supposed to last for 4 days, made a huge difference on the way I started to look at this world. My thought process suddenly improved and the lifestyle that I had, transformed from a boy to an adult. New directions and experiences of staying away from my family for more than 4 months continuously for the first time did make a huge effort in that change process. Never really knew the value of money before, never knew what it would be like to experience being away from family and never knew how little things would actually matter for people. It is an experience that even one cannot buy with money, nor get in an organization. I would call this a learning experience rather than a working experience.

(For readers: This is the beginning of many things that happened in my stay away from home. There were lot of things that needed to be covered so if you want to learn what were those interesting things that changed my thought process and how I met other awesome people from home away from home then stay tuned for more. Next article will be published on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 about ‘Validation: Solution to millennial headaches’)

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