Being a Delivery Boy

It has been more than 2 months that I have been involved in delivering medicines for our beautiful organization ‘NepMeds‘. The most interesting part of delivery is that you get to meet varieties of personalities and associate with them in one way or the other. You meet the most horrible person you can never imagine to be and then you meet the most generous person you always wanted to be. In the constant series of medicine deliveries, I have learnt a lot of things.

Meeting one of our happy customers directly and telling them about your product.

1. Direct Marketing of your Product/ Services

It is believed that always the people in the front represent your strength. So, the best part of delivering is you can directly pitch your product/ services to the customers who are trying your service for the first-time. You make one happy and that person will automatically recommend at least 1 other person in their circle to use your product/ services.

First meet with Respected Dr. Santosh Dulal (Scientist)

2. Connections/ Networking

Why do people want to go to renowned universities? Why do people want to work in big-big MNCs? Yes, there are hundreds of reasons but one of the biggest reason is the connections. People tend to attend seminars, workshops, and lots of social event just to build a network.
When you are delivering, you are already talking to a stranger to make them feel comfortable with you. Once you meet then, then again you meet them, and the third time they would directly call you if they need anything. Now imagine how easy it is to build up your connection.

Ms. Ashmita Sharma recommending NepMeds.

3. Identifying your Right Consumer

When you are in front of the field dealing with the people who use your services, You tend to identify certain patterns. It is basically what researchers and data analysts do, the only difference is you do not quantify them but can get the result based on your observation. You can see who is ordering what and where? Their age group? What problems they are facing in your services? What could be done better?
When you are moving around meeting a lot of people and with slight spark of conversation, you have all the answers you want directly from the person whom you are targeting your product/ services.

4. Validation of Plans

On papers, you may come up with a billion-dollar idea but in terms of execution you realize it is not as easy as what you initially planned it to be. Finding out loop holes is quite difficult when you do not have the view of what exactly is happening in the base of operations. So when you are delivering you can see what went wrong on the plans from the executive level rather than complaining about not being able to execute the beautiful plans.

Every business will have the best vacant position that may resemble the position of a delivery boy (similar to us) that can help you learn more about your organization. Find yours!

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