Why you should ‘Fart’ more often?

When you are high on steroids from the past 1 month, you realize that your internal working system has all been messed up and your lifestyle is not how it should have been… but then you realize how a ‘Fart’ is more important to you than thinking about what your surrounding would comprehend it into. I probably bet that having a breathing problem with gastritis will teach anyone the importance of fart eventually *hope no one has to go through one though*. Plus, all the COVID situation going around is also messed up so well, so why exactly am I emphasizing on ‘Fart’ then?

So, its been probably more than a year that I have not been able to take a break and take a look at what has been happening around my personal life and since its all been work, work, and work. Having a health issue *not exactly COVID but an eye issue* and staying at home for a month has taught me a lot of things and the major part is that ‘Fart’ definitely is an important aspect of life.

When I say ‘Fart’, I mean that, while self-reflecting in this past month, I realized that we are so much focused on not to fart that we just start a habit not to fart in front of the crowd. What if, you farted in front of the crowd and it made you feel good but then the crowd would obviously make a judgement out of it and then you spend time feeling ‘ASHAMED’ or you just ‘FEEL GOOD’? The choice is yours, actually, it does not matter as long as you are full of health and smiling and you can move forward with what makes you feel better.

My point is, People should really learn to fart more often and be happy. The world will follow whether they like it or not cause we all are humans and that is how we have been build in nature. I am pretty sure, this writing would not make sense to most but… Think about ‘Fart’ and that feeling you feel when you are alone *and you will realise what I am talking about*. Cheers!

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