Dilemma: Changing course of action

Isn’t it amusing how often we find ourselves on a situation where we want to do something but due to someone else, we end up doing something else? Is it dedication? Or is it obligation?

When I started working professionally, I would often end up making a lot of mistakes because of the dilemma of making mistakes. It might sound crazy but when one enters workplace for the first time, it is not nervousness that affects you but the ability to speak your minds out. You see a lot of new faces in a new place and you start self-questioning yourself ‘Did I make the right decision by coming here?’.

Sharpened Apple Knife

I am pretty sure that I can sit in front of like-minded intellectual people and pour my mind out full of amazing ideas despite their position. Somehow there were unseen factors for me that kept a limit barrier to the potential that I could take out. For me, it was not only work but also the ability to maintain relationship within the organization. When you complete your 1st year with the organization then like any other sour personal relationships you will also become a sharpened knife who will be able to cut apples perfectly but not bananas.

I find it ironic how we often find ourselves in dilemma of ‘What to do and what not to do?’. We know that the limitations are affecting our thought process but at the same time we also realize that we are doing something good for someone. For me, I believe that we should do what we truly want and until we find what that is, it will become a dilemma that can change our path. Based on my raw observation, If we want to create our own path then we should forget all of the obligations and get selfish to get out of this dilemma.

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