Industrialization: Experienced or Limited?

Until today, I never understood why I was always advised by my teachers that ‘life would not ever be the same as it was when I was at school/ college’. I believe these words came from their personal experiences. It is funny how we always seek to get back to where we were and correct all those silly mistakes that we made when we were filled with wild creative thoughts. If we really look back and reflect ourselves then rather than calling ourselves a fool, we should address ourselves ‘less experienced’. We make mistakes, we learn, we grow and we again make mistakes. But when an experienced person makes a mistake, it would not only be a mistake but will be nearly equivalent to a crime (in their own mind). Why is that so? Because we have this misperception about experienced people that they can do everything perfectly.

Before pursuing Bachelors degree, I used to think that experience would not affect me when I would enter the professional world. To be honest, it hit me harder than I could ever imagine. Even though I was engaged in internships during my studies, I realized that it is completely on different level from learning as an intern and learning as a professional. Almost after 1 and half years of diving into one particular industry, I have realized that it is creating boundaries on my career perspective each day. It is good but at the same time bad, Good in a sense that if I plan to stay on this industry for next 10 years, I believe I will be definitely leading one of the major players in this industry but when I look at it from other perspective then I would be only limited to this industry.

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I realized what industrialization is when I saw my own father with an experience of more than 12 years transforming to Import/Export industry from Banking industry. I could not feel how he felt at that moment when he made this decision. But when I look at it right now, I feel that his self-esteem and that attitude destroyed the boundaries that were created from the experiences. At the same time, Experience does have a good side as he did not left empty handed but with a rich network of people. For me, I believe this is the guts that people need to reach the road to success and not just anyone can get out of their usual routines. Out of 1000s of advices I have received from him till date, my favorite is “Do something others can’t do easily and create your worth so much that the entire organization has to rethink 10 times before losing you?”.

Experienced people can do the task more efficiently rather than perfectly but you should also know that they will be limited to whatever instructions have been provided to them. It would be rather hard to find experienced professionals who would be open minded to take on new approaches and still be inside the regulations of their corporation. People with these mindsets are experienced but still limited with little less boundaries than people who just do what they are told to do.

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