Employee Value: Is it about money or self-esteem?

Interestingly when interviewers ask ‘What is your expectation from this job?’. Should you answer in terms of money or should you answer in terms of work environment? It is a mysterious question that needs to be solved by ourselves.

Often employers tend to miscalculate the worth of their employees and they end up investing on people who have made good progress outside but they might not be the right fit for their organization. The hard working employees who help the company to progress higher end up losing motivation mid-way. So the question actually ends up in, ‘What am I doing here?’. When such questions arise, it is a good time to start looking for options in employees terms but employers do not even have glimpse about what is happening inside. All they end up seeing is their employees are supportive and happy in front of them but they do not realize that their employee’s self-esteem has been affected due to their decision. This eventually turns out to be a surprise exit for their employers while they keep on thinking ‘Where did they go wrong?’

Mathew O’ Connell mentions in his journal,“Employee turnover is costly, often more than one would expect. In addition of replacement fees, the true cost of turnover involves hidden costs such as productivity loss, workplace safety issues, and morale down spiral.” So, employers often miscalculate the true worth of their employees. Large corporations on the other hand end up with the mindset of ‘Everyone can be replaced.’ While in this process, they forget that they can be replaced but the replacement may not be able to catch up to their employees who just left them.

So, how can an employer determine an employee’s worth? The answer is, ‘There is no such tool to exactly measure an employee’s worth but aside from money, employers should also be aware about the employee’s self-esteem. A good pay can make your employee stay but a good self-esteem makes your employee go an extra mile’.

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