Personal Space: Why you need it?

You are in a room full of beautiful people, you feel alone. You are with your siblings who are talking about the beautiful moments you had with them, you feel alone. You are with your family members who are enjoying everything around you, you feel alone. You are with your loved one and talking about your sweet memories, you feel alone.

Be it on professional level or personal, everyone needs their own ‘ME‘ time to sit back and evaluate things happening around them. By Me time, its not about locking yourself in an empty room and not speaking out to anyone. It is about re-evaluating how you are moving ahead in life. From past to present to future, how are you improving? what are the better things happening in your life at the moment? what do you actually want to achieve?

It is not unusual that what made you happy yesterday can make you sad today. You need to explore! Explore yourself, Your Me time is not about just clinging on to yourself but also about meeting new people, socializing with them, learning about new ideas, their perspective and opening up about yourself and hearing what others have to say about you. It is a whole different story that some people just use their Me time to do nothing and that’s alright.

Getting away from people you love, getting away from your everyday routines once in a while can boost your confidence and bring that lost spark in your face sometimes. Although, increasing the limit of your own personal space can become hazardous if we keep it for long. So, smile, sit-back, and think about where you are heading once in a while.

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