Where to get the motivation? Speeches? Social Media? or ..?

Welcome to 21st century! where people are getting impressed by motivational speakers and depressed with their lives. While passing through various stages, the number of friends and the level of motivational factors goes from 1000s to 100s to 0s. It is sad but the changes are quite noticeable.

One definitely needs motivation while moving ahead with their lives and finding a proper motivation in this day & age is quite a challenge. Some of us highly rely on motivational speakers who are going viral on social media for no reason while some of us rely on our close friends.

Have you ever thought that motivational speeches maybe doing the exact opposite of what it should be doing? Or your friends may not always be there with you? Whether it’s a yes or a no, we are the best procrastinators and the worst enemies to the road of success this world has to offer for ourselves.

So what do we do then? The answer is… we just find out our own ways to motivate ourselves each day. Somedays we can rely on music that we listen, Somedays we can rely on our friends/ family, Somedays we can rely on our favorite spots, Somedays we can rely on foods, Somedays we can rely on health & sports, Somedays we can rely on books, and we can find millions of other ways to keep us on check. So let’s find out our own motivation that we always need and definitely we should think of something amazing to kick start our every day to get the best out of it.

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