Unpredictability: Experience the Unseen

Opportunities are always around the corner if we accept whatever comes in our way. 4 days can become the best 8 months of your life. Learning to grow in a way that you could not have imagined. Becoming responsible for all your actions, meeting new people, forming bonds that can last for ever and learning to make people happy despite your situation. When I think about how I have been learning and when I keep it side-by-side with how my parents went through this stage while me being in their hands sounds scary to me. When I think about it, a sense of pride arises within thinking what I am becoming is all the little efforts from people who came to my life and those who went away.

No one could even imagine that you could enjoy your life soo much in such a rural place that people would actually be talking about your awesome life. We party when we are sad, we party when we are happy, we party when we have money and we party when we are broke. It is an experience that taught me how valuable money is but it is nothing in comparison to happiness. Doing things that would not even make sense to me and still being happy just because people around you are happy. From a group of 2 to 4 to 5 to 10, adding spices to life and balancing everything with water and salt. Dealing with scenarios that you could not have imagined you would face 8 months ago and inspiring your mom and dad to do better alongside you.

Filtering everyone in and out of life and finding out the true nature of people and laughing out on how small people can think. Inspiring others to enjoy their life to the fullest while being selfish and becoming the best version of you every single day. Even when the days are cloudy or sunny, at the end it depends on what you think. Sometimes moving ahead in full pace and sometimes hitting a complete stop. Every new opportunity that hits you changes your destiny (if you believe in one) and every destiny opens up a new perspective towards your life.

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